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June 29, 2015

Greek Meltdown (with a full-bodied red blend!)

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Greece is in utter chaos…

Banks are shuttered….(think Great Depression images)

Crowds line up at ATMs trying to get some cash but the country has imposed a daily limit….

Social unrest….

Thousands upon thousands crowd outside the Greek Parliament…

Speculation in our own U.S. markets–will this Greek crisis spawn a “contagion” that will quickly spread to our shores? (kind of already has if you’ve watched the Dow and S&P nosedive today…just sayin’). Should Americans fear their 401ks? What about the bond market?

Lots of drama for sure. I’m taking it with a glass of Primal Roots — a red blend from California (2012). Big, round, and full-bodied. Jammy fruits with tobacco and caramel…smooths out all the kinks of the day.




May 1, 2014

A Love Affair with Bourbon


Kentucky straight, that is.

Amber gold…dark tea….

I was on Topsail Island, NC 3 weeks ago today when I was lucky enough to sup in a fine restaurant (The Bistro–go! it’s the best place out there) and enjoy a totally intoxicating bourbon. I’m talking about Four Roses small batch. Lovely. The aroma (“nose”) would make a great candle — note to Yankee Candle :)


I promptly went out and bought a bottle for my very own. Instead of the small batch, though, I bought the single barrel. I’ve since learned that a single barrel can differ significantly from others, but I’ve not been disappointed with this particular bottle.


In fact, I had “googled” the difference between a small batch and single barrel b/c I didn’t know the difference. In doing so I found a website that called out Elijah Craig 12-year as a stellar bottle of bourbon, so I picked one of those up when I found it last week. I’ll stick with my Four Roses, thank you! For me, the Elijah Craig has a big bite. On the rocks I had to let it sit and mellow on the ice before I found it enjoyable. But the Four Roses is smooth and delicate neat, on the rocks, and even sipped straight from the bottle!


And after my last meeting today, I did just that–uncorked that lovely Four Roses and tipped it back. Maple, caramel, slightly sweet, velvety smooth and without that brutish bite that the Craig exhibits. Transports me to a relaxing place. Ahhhhhhhh. Perfect way to top off a cray-cray day.


Four Roses…..two thumbs up.


September 11, 2012

No Apologies

Not going to be the blogger that apologizes for not posting in so long.

I’m not sorry.

I sure have had much good wine and good rants, though–the former to be revisited at another time, the latter likely eviscerated in the winds.

I’ve started my evening with Midnight Moon–one of those cool little moonshines hitting the shelves of your local package store in the last 6 months or so. It’s good, a silky smooth “Calgon, take me away” kind of aperitif, nothing that will rip the heart from your chest–(and who wants that anyway except someone with a death wish. I’d rather enjoy my drink.) I’ve had that possibly deadly kind of moonshine in the Tennessee mountains. The gentleman that had it knew how to get it. It burned. Looked like watery urine in a crummy old mason jar. I admit, I was a little reluctant to swig. Who knows where this stuff comes from. Like taking a no-name pill offered by a friend in a bar– you never know where THAT will land you the next morning. Needless to say, nothing like this Midnight Moon. I have still to try the other moonshines going mainstream. Save those for a day when I need a good unwinding.

Failure sucks. And what is “failure” anyway? It’s a subjective measure of something I’ve done–and a judgement I place on myself. Who says I shouldn’t fail once or twice? I have this client who told me what he wanted, had a vision–weak-minded though it was–gave me examples of what he liked and wanted, approved my proposal, etc. And I went with it–wrote every page we agreed on. Then I delivered them what I thought was solid copy.

My mistakes? Where do I begin…

I’m totally thrown. I’ve never had a client just blatantly tell me they “don’t like the copy.” WTF? shit. I’m NEVER gettin’ paid for this gig, bc when I get finished with telling them off I’ll not make a cent. So I’m drinking Midnight Moon and having a talk with myself. Talking with myself over how to keep my cool, how to keep from verbally eviscerating those dumbasses. The examples of copy they like? Suck. I should have known it, smelled it on the wind, read it in the tea leaves, felt it in my gut that this was a bad client, but I went in on it this with a colleague. ugh. So now I’m going to have to swallow the words I want to hurl like slimy gobstoppers and get on the phone with them and talk it out. Talk it out…. What the expectations are…. how I can exceed their expectations…. what I misinterpreted…. mind numbing, spirit killing bullshit. Is there any way I can pull some Robert Greene The Art of Seduction sleight-of-hand on them so they end up friggin’ loving me? We’ll see. I need some healing crystals, a reiki massage, intoxicating incense, black magic.




November 3, 2011

Living In the Dark

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When I stepped into my house coming home from work today, I was immediately reminded of the most recent power outage with the acrid leftover smell of the fireplace. For three days here in the early part of November, lights out, traditional heat unavailable, the fireplace was my best friend.

Many thousands of people are still without power. But everyone I’ve spoken to has commented on how spoiled we are as a culture, some more than others. Few of us are required to survive with minimal creature comforts–heat, running water, lights and electricity for lighting the nearby world around us and for powering our sacred wireless devices. This latter may be the most current problem.

Before electricity and heat it must have been lonely coming home to a dark and dank house if there wasn’t someone there keeping the home fires burning, so to speak. The light seeping from the floors and running down and off the walls…

My time alone in the dark for 3 days was a little eye-opening. A love/hate circumstance that was valuable, forced me to work hard to generate heat for cold nights, change my routine for bathing, cooking, using and washing dishes.

Cheers to my fireplace. I’m sipping some Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Port and I’m about to move onto a hugely affordable little favorite of mine: Korta Barrel Selection Reserve, Petit Verdot. “Mature fruit and candy” just like me… ha ha


September 25, 2011

Do you know when you’re the elephant in the room?

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I live in a multi-generational home in a well-established middle income neighborhood. It’s quiet and everyone respects everyone else’s space. No McMansions here. People in this neighborhood work hard–trades, service industry, professional services. No Wall Street brokers on my street. Therefore the homes are modest–one-level ranches on half-acre lots. And only one home is anal retentively maintained. Everyone else is tired…:)

But when the woman next door died a couple years ago the new guy who bought her property promptly tore her home down. Which is understandable–it was pretty run down and not up to code on a couple of items. But the lot her home was on is a small peninsula of property, a corner lot. This guy got variances for everything apparently– height, foundation footprint. In the scope of the rest of the neighborhood, this thing is the elephant in the room. And it sits on this tiny corner lot right in the middle of everything. I’ve heard comments from the UPS guy, the mail lady, and other residents in the area and they all can be summarized this way: “Who would build that?” Good question.

What do we say about guys who drive Hummers? Does building a massive house when all around you are small count?

Can you not see how obnoxious this thing is?

And after the two stupid guys that started the pneumatic nail gun on the roof this morning at 7:20–it’s SUNDAY, a-hole!–now I’m really raw. The elephant in the room….

I found this new apellation:

Barenjager honey liqueur from Germany that is smooth, sweet, and strong. Best when chilled. Unfortunately, it’s a little too early to imbibe, but I will later.

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June 16, 2010


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What about those people you come across, particularly at work, who try and hold you back so they don’t look bad? Ever felt one of those work place wedgies? Here’s how it goes down…You have a nice skill set for your job. You’re eager to stretch, challenge yourself with additional tasks, projects, and/or responsibilities. But one of your colleagues who has a similar job realizes he/she’s lacking some of the skills you have to take on bigger challenges or simply wants to dig heels in.

I want to choke the shit out…. Get offa me, for goddsakes already. Don’t want to learn a new skill? Don’t. But don’t cry when I getpetite petit wine the next job or the next project or people want me on their team.

Shaving off the sharp edges of my day I’m kissing on a bottle of Michael David’s Petite Petit, a winner of a blend between a Petite Syrah and a Petit Verdot, a medium bodied red — smooth and “jammy black current-like flavors with notes of dry blackberries and vanilla.” I’ve been searching for a good Petite Syrah ever since the very best  ( Ledson Winery’s ) I’ve ever tasted can no longer be had. This from Michael David almost measures up.

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May 24, 2010

There but for the GRACE OF GOD goes every other oil mega-corporation…

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I know everyone’s like “BP sucks” “That bunch of BP losers” “What? No backup plan?” yackety, yack.

It’s only by LUCK, the shifting of the tides on that particular day at that particular minute, or the grace of God that the oil gushing forth without stop is a mess accorded BP and not any other of its competitors. They are all quite mum. And frankly if one of BP’s competitors did have a backup plan and a real working solution it would certainly be time to sally forth and play hero, wouldn’t it? Talk about some kickass advertising and good will. Exxon, Shell, Chevron….whoEVER is able to put a proper stopper in this hole will win big. So as much as I’m getting sicker to my gut everyday over the total incompetence of so many parties in charge of running things….God help us….I have no misconceptions at all about how this would go down with any other oil corporation bumbling around at the helm.

Chris Ringland 2008 Shiraz - dusty bing cherries, tobacco and spiceboxWhew! Time to get back to my glass of yet another Aussie Shiraz. (Have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the last wine I tried, but I tried to follow up the Molly Dooker Scooter merlot with a lesser wine and it did not measure up.) Last night I opened this…a Chris Ringland 2008 Shiraz. I picked it up for 19.99 at my little wine shop and it’s another that they highly recommend along with the Molly Dooker bunch. I have to say this is a much better swig than the Clancy’s. Thing is…once you taste a thoroughly super wine that throws you on your ass and has its way with you, it’s hard to find a bottle at $15 or under that even comes close. I need a big juicy bite of the Ringland…I taste tobacco, dusty ripe bing cherries, and spicebox.

Have to say I’m disappointed that I can’t find a website for Ringland. And if there is one, it’s poorly handled and marketed b/c it’s not on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd pages of my Google search. I could go on and on about this, but that really is too much like work and I’m OFF.


May 19, 2010

A Moment’s F@$#king Peace…Possible?

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Is it possible?

To grab even a sliver of peace for sanity’s sake? I’ve become a disbeliever in such a thing. I’ve taken to sitting in my truck…anywhere really…radio most definitely OFF, windows shut so I don’t have to hear anyone else’s horseshit nearby, just the atmosphere rushing in and out of my ears canals like a great tide.

How about that great oily tide? An on-site reporter for NPR reported the ocean looking like molasses. How can you help but shake your head all the while the media reports are running. A disgrace. That’s a good word, actually. I can hear my mother in my head right now,
“It’s a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Shame and disgrace. Do we experience those any more? We seem too arrogant to admit shame or disgrace…except for Jesse Bullock. I wonder if he’s walking jacked up what with that Oscar crammed up his ass.

Back to a moment’s peace, already and banish that ugly mother thought from my head.

Right now I have music from my mac going in the background, beyond my closed door I can hear the evening news on the TV. At work I hear people all day long, one opinion after another occasionally split with infectious laughter, gossip, stupid shit, you name it, but rarely just still and quiet.

We have cellphones plastered to our heads, at the gas station overhead musAK blares at us split inappropriately with totally obnoxious advertising. When I actually do carve out a few moments of silence for a personal thought it really is deafening and a bit offputting. Not sure how we would survive if the lights all flickered out tomorrow.

On that note, let me pour my daily glass–

Nothing can top a Molly Dooker, but I can’t spend $25 a pop for a casual bottle of wine, ya know? So tonight I stuck to the Aussie shelves and this time snagged a 2007 Clancy’s –Shiraz, Cab and Merlot blend from Peter Lehmann, Australia. My dumb palette beyond “it’s hitting the spot” is of tobacco and spice-box, with dusty late summer berries, she’s no weakling, either…a good meaty mouthful. I’m in h-e-a-v-e-n.


May 18, 2010

Molly Dooker and my semi-daily

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My semi daily rant is pretty simple…

There is no effing way, that red-headed bitch at 7:45 a.m. careening down the Berlin Tpke yelling into her cellphone and waving a burning cigarette like a baton around at the same time is not out to kill me.

close up of the label off my bottle of Molly Dooker Merlot, called  Scooter

Molly…I’ll get to you in a minute you big shouldered brawny red, you…

And anyone looking down into their laps while driving is either jerking off or texting. Just steer clear of those idiots.

Survival of the fittest may win out in the driving distracted arena. Problem is everyone else has to really be vigilant in order to stay alive.

On that note, this Molly Dooker — any of the MDs — is special, irons out all the cares of the day. I first tasted one of these wines at a local restaurant and have since discovered one of my favorite little wine shops on my way home carries the Molly Dooker line. Immense spicy flavors with mocha and earth–I’m not the one to describe them, just drink them. I can recommend the Two Left Feet (Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot), the first I tasted

Consistently one of our top-rated Lefty wines, this blend has superb aromas of butterscotch, plum, white chocolate, cherries and raspberry. Its big, unctuous texture and incredibly dense, spicy fruit give you a wonderfully rounded mouth-feel and a silky smooth finish. As in years past, the mouth-filling texture gives this wine a very long finish. Delicious.

and this latest, the Scooter Merlot

plum, berries, chocolate and fruit cake and yummy flavours of ripe black fruit, cedar and spice, and soft, velvety tannins….The aromas instantly switch your brain into ‘relax’ mode while the flavours and soft tannins make this wine seem almost cuddly. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy when you’re unwinding from a hectic day.

They underscore my sentiment. I decided to take the high road.. dump any memory of those asses out along my commute and get intimate with a glass of Molly Dooker.

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May 14, 2010

Before the World Fills Up with Oil…

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It’s sad, the out of control deep water gusher, now called the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. Sad in so many ways. I’m not going to just rant on about the havoc it’s wreaking on the environment…God knows it’s awful. But it’s sad for other equally profound reasons:

1. Sad that major corporations we “trust” to fly right not only fail to do so, but when they do fall flat, they can’t even correct and instead run bumbling around like a bunch of circus buffoons;
2. Sad that the senators, legislators and other lawmakers currently trying to appease their outraged constituents by nailing all these big corporations to the wall didn’t ask the big questions when drilling in these environments was first given the good ol boy thumbs up…questions like “Mr. BP CEO, what exactly is your plan of action when things go really wrong? (because they will at some point…).”
3. Sad that the “government agency” (a.k.a. U.S. Interior Department) responsible for oversight of the oil industry is coming under scrutiny AND it’s the same old rubbish they’ve been assailed for before. I’ve just been looking back at some NYTimes articles from 2006 and 2007 that address some of the same issues I believe are being scooped once again–Seriously, now….Who the HELL is in charge?
4. Sad that we all continue to just feel so damned unable to do anything about it and have to watch on our high tech tvs and smartphones the absurd unfolding of events–It took high tech falderall to get the oil out of the ocean bed, but the options we see these supposed engineering brainiacs proposing are…to call them “low-tech” is being kind. Let’s shoot old tires and crap into the tube and try to plug it….
5. Sad that no matter what disasters and tragedies befall us, as a people we continue to be reactive as opposed to atteca spanish red wine made of garnacha grapesproactive.

So before the world fills up with oil, as my morning djs joke about, I’m enjoying a glass (or 2) of a nice Spanish wine, Atteca 2007 made of garnacha grapes.