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May 18, 2010

Molly Dooker and my semi-daily

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My semi daily rant is pretty simple…

There is no effing way, that red-headed bitch at 7:45 a.m. careening down the Berlin Tpke yelling into her cellphone and waving a burning cigarette like a baton around at the same time is not out to kill me.

close up of the label off my bottle of Molly Dooker Merlot, called  Scooter

Molly…I’ll get to you in a minute you big shouldered brawny red, you…

And anyone looking down into their laps while driving is either jerking off or texting. Just steer clear of those idiots.

Survival of the fittest may win out in the driving distracted arena. Problem is everyone else has to really be vigilant in order to stay alive.

On that note, this Molly Dooker — any of the MDs — is special, irons out all the cares of the day. I first tasted one of these wines at a local restaurant and have since discovered one of my favorite little wine shops on my way home carries the Molly Dooker line. Immense spicy flavors with mocha and earth–I’m not the one to describe them, just drink them. I can recommend the Two Left Feet (Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot), the first I tasted

Consistently one of our top-rated Lefty wines, this blend has superb aromas of butterscotch, plum, white chocolate, cherries and raspberry. Its big, unctuous texture and incredibly dense, spicy fruit give you a wonderfully rounded mouth-feel and a silky smooth finish. As in years past, the mouth-filling texture gives this wine a very long finish. Delicious.

and this latest, the Scooter Merlot

plum, berries, chocolate and fruit cake and yummy flavours of ripe black fruit, cedar and spice, and soft, velvety tannins….The aromas instantly switch your brain into ‘relax’ mode while the flavours and soft tannins make this wine seem almost cuddly. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy when you’re unwinding from a hectic day.

They underscore my sentiment. I decided to take the high road.. dump any memory of those asses out along my commute and get intimate with a glass of Molly Dooker.

  1. Hey thanks for the write-up on the Scooter & Two Left Feet! We love hearing stories on how our wines are a part of peoples lives. We would love to provide a link to your blog on the ‘first-hand comments’ page on our website, would this be ok?
    Thanks again and cheers! – The Mollydooker team

    Comment by Mollydooker Wines — May 19, 2010 @ 4:26 am
  2. Thank you. Feel free to post my comment to the “Dooker” site. Kick-ass wines, btw. Someday when I have a really special occasion I’m going to stop in at my little wine shop and lay out the cashola for one of those high-end bottles you guys put out. oolala.

    Comment by admin — May 19, 2010 @ 11:22 pm

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