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September 11, 2012

No Apologies

Not going to be the blogger that apologizes for not posting in so long.

I’m not sorry.

I sure have had much good wine and good rants, though–the former to be revisited at another time, the latter likely eviscerated in the winds.

I’ve started my evening with Midnight Moon–one of those cool little moonshines hitting the shelves of your local package store in the last 6 months or so. It’s good, a silky smooth “Calgon, take me away” kind of aperitif, nothing that will rip the heart from your chest–(and who wants that anyway except someone with a death wish. I’d rather enjoy my drink.) I’ve had that possibly deadly kind of moonshine in the Tennessee mountains. The gentleman that had it knew how to get it. It burned. Looked like watery urine in a crummy old mason jar. I admit, I was a little reluctant to swig. Who knows where this stuff comes from. Like taking a no-name pill offered by a friend in a bar– you never know where THAT will land you the next morning. Needless to say, nothing like this Midnight Moon. I have still to try the other moonshines going mainstream. Save those for a day when I need a good unwinding.

Failure sucks. And what is “failure” anyway? It’s a subjective measure of something I’ve done–and a judgement I place on myself. Who says I shouldn’t fail once or twice? I have this client who told me what he wanted, had a vision–weak-minded though it was–gave me examples of what he liked and wanted, approved my proposal, etc. And I went with it–wrote every page we agreed on. Then I delivered them what I thought was solid copy.

My mistakes? Where do I begin…

I’m totally thrown. I’ve never had a client just blatantly tell me they “don’t like the copy.” WTF? shit. I’m NEVER gettin’ paid for this gig, bc when I get finished with telling them off I’ll not make a cent. So I’m drinking Midnight Moon and having a talk with myself. Talking with myself over how to keep my cool, how to keep from verbally eviscerating those dumbasses. The examples of copy they like? Suck. I should have known it, smelled it on the wind, read it in the tea leaves, felt it in my gut that this was a bad client, but I went in on it this with a colleague. ugh. So now I’m going to have to swallow the words I want to hurl like slimy gobstoppers and get on the phone with them and talk it out. Talk it out…. What the expectations are…. how I can exceed their expectations…. what I misinterpreted…. mind numbing, spirit killing bullshit. Is there any way I can pull some Robert Greene The Art of Seduction sleight-of-hand on them so they end up friggin’ loving me? We’ll see. I need some healing crystals, a reiki massage, intoxicating incense, black magic.



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