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May 1, 2014

A Love Affair with Bourbon


Kentucky straight, that is.

Amber gold…dark tea….

I was on Topsail Island, NC 3 weeks ago today when I was lucky enough to sup in a fine restaurant (The Bistro–go! it’s the best place out there) and enjoy a totally intoxicating bourbon. I’m talking about Four Roses small batch. Lovely. The aroma (“nose”) would make a great candle — note to Yankee Candle :)


I promptly went out and bought a bottle for my very own. Instead of the small batch, though, I bought the single barrel. I’ve since learned that a single barrel can differ significantly from others, but I’ve not been disappointed with this particular bottle.


In fact, I had “googled” the difference between a small batch and single barrel b/c I didn’t know the difference. In doing so I found a website that called out Elijah Craig 12-year as a stellar bottle of bourbon, so I picked one of those up when I found it last week. I’ll stick with my Four Roses, thank you! For me, the Elijah Craig has a big bite. On the rocks I had to let it sit and mellow on the ice before I found it enjoyable. But the Four Roses is smooth and delicate neat, on the rocks, and even sipped straight from the bottle!


And after my last meeting today, I did just that–uncorked that lovely Four Roses and tipped it back. Maple, caramel, slightly sweet, velvety smooth and without that brutish bite that the Craig exhibits. Transports me to a relaxing place. Ahhhhhhhh. Perfect way to top off a cray-cray day.


Four Roses…..two thumbs up.