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June 29, 2015

Greek Meltdown (with a full-bodied red blend!)

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Greece is in utter chaos…

Banks are shuttered….(think Great Depression images)

Crowds line up at ATMs trying to get some cash but the country has imposed a daily limit….

Social unrest….

Thousands upon thousands crowd outside the Greek Parliament…

Speculation in our own U.S. markets–will this Greek crisis spawn a “contagion” that will quickly spread to our shores? (kind of already has if you’ve watched the Dow and S&P nosedive today…just sayin’). Should Americans fear their 401ks? What about the bond market?

Lots of drama for sure. I’m taking it with a glass of Primal Roots — a red blend from California (2012). Big, round, and full-bodied. Jammy fruits with tobacco and caramel…smooths out all the kinks of the day.



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June 16, 2010


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What about those people you come across, particularly at work, who try and hold you back so they don’t look bad? Ever felt one of those work place wedgies? Here’s how it goes down…You have a nice skill set for your job. You’re eager to stretch, challenge yourself with additional tasks, projects, and/or responsibilities. But one of your colleagues who has a similar job realizes he/she’s lacking some of the skills you have to take on bigger challenges or simply wants to dig heels in.

I want to choke the shit out…. Get offa me, for goddsakes already. Don’t want to learn a new skill? Don’t. But don’t cry when I getpetite petit wine the next job or the next project or people want me on their team.

Shaving off the sharp edges of my day I’m kissing on a bottle of Michael David’s Petite Petit, a winner of a blend between a Petite Syrah and a Petit Verdot, a medium bodied red — smooth and “jammy black current-like flavors with notes of dry blackberries and vanilla.” I’ve been searching for a good Petite Syrah ever since the very best  ( Ledson Winery’s ) I’ve ever tasted can no longer be had. This from Michael David almost measures up.