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May 19, 2010

A Moment’s F@$#king Peace…Possible?

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Is it possible?

To grab even a sliver of peace for sanity’s sake? I’ve become a disbeliever in such a thing. I’ve taken to sitting in my truck…anywhere really…radio most definitely OFF, windows shut so I don’t have to hear anyone else’s horseshit nearby, just the atmosphere rushing in and out of my ears canals like a great tide.

How about that great oily tide? An on-site reporter for NPR reported the ocean looking like molasses. How can you help but shake your head all the while the media reports are running. A disgrace. That’s a good word, actually. I can hear my mother in my head right now,
“It’s a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Shame and disgrace. Do we experience those any more? We seem too arrogant to admit shame or disgrace…except for Jesse Bullock. I wonder if he’s walking jacked up what with that Oscar crammed up his ass.

Back to a moment’s peace, already and banish that ugly mother thought from my head.

Right now I have music from my mac going in the background, beyond my closed door I can hear the evening news on the TV. At work I hear people all day long, one opinion after another occasionally split with infectious laughter, gossip, stupid shit, you name it, but rarely just still and quiet.

We have cellphones plastered to our heads, at the gas station overhead musAK blares at us split inappropriately with totally obnoxious advertising. When I actually do carve out a few moments of silence for a personal thought it really is deafening and a bit offputting. Not sure how we would survive if the lights all flickered out tomorrow.

On that note, let me pour my daily glass–

Nothing can top a Molly Dooker, but I can’t spend $25 a pop for a casual bottle of wine, ya know? So tonight I stuck to the Aussie shelves and this time snagged a 2007 Clancy’s –Shiraz, Cab and Merlot blend from Peter Lehmann, Australia. My dumb palette beyond “it’s hitting the spot” is of tobacco and spice-box, with dusty late summer berries, she’s no weakling, either…a good meaty mouthful. I’m in h-e-a-v-e-n.

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May 14, 2010

Before the World Fills Up with Oil…

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It’s sad, the out of control deep water gusher, now called the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. Sad in so many ways. I’m not going to just rant on about the havoc it’s wreaking on the environment…God knows it’s awful. But it’s sad for other equally profound reasons:

1. Sad that major corporations we “trust” to fly right not only fail to do so, but when they do fall flat, they can’t even correct and instead run bumbling around like a bunch of circus buffoons;
2. Sad that the senators, legislators and other lawmakers currently trying to appease their outraged constituents by nailing all these big corporations to the wall didn’t ask the big questions when drilling in these environments was first given the good ol boy thumbs up…questions like “Mr. BP CEO, what exactly is your plan of action when things go really wrong? (because they will at some point…).”
3. Sad that the “government agency” (a.k.a. U.S. Interior Department) responsible for oversight of the oil industry is coming under scrutiny AND it’s the same old rubbish they’ve been assailed for before. I’ve just been looking back at some NYTimes articles from 2006 and 2007 that address some of the same issues I believe are being scooped once again–Seriously, now….Who the HELL is in charge?
4. Sad that we all continue to just feel so damned unable to do anything about it and have to watch on our high tech tvs and smartphones the absurd unfolding of events–It took high tech falderall to get the oil out of the ocean bed, but the options we see these supposed engineering brainiacs proposing are…to call them “low-tech” is being kind. Let’s shoot old tires and crap into the tube and try to plug it….
5. Sad that no matter what disasters and tragedies befall us, as a people we continue to be reactive as opposed to atteca spanish red wine made of garnacha grapesproactive.

So before the world fills up with oil, as my morning djs joke about, I’m enjoying a glass (or 2) of a nice Spanish wine, Atteca 2007 made of garnacha grapes.