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November 3, 2011

Living In the Dark

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When I stepped into my house coming home from work today, I was immediately reminded of the most recent power outage with the acrid leftover smell of the fireplace. For three days here in the early part of November, lights out, traditional heat unavailable, the fireplace was my best friend.

Many thousands of people are still without power. But everyone I’ve spoken to has commented on how spoiled we are as a culture, some more than others. Few of us are required to survive with minimal creature comforts–heat, running water, lights and electricity for lighting the nearby world around us and for powering our sacred wireless devices. This latter may be the most current problem.

Before electricity and heat it must have been lonely coming home to a dark and dank house if there wasn’t someone there keeping the home fires burning, so to speak. The light seeping from the floors and running down and off the walls…

My time alone in the dark for 3 days was a little eye-opening. A love/hate circumstance that was valuable, forced me to work hard to generate heat for cold nights, change my routine for bathing, cooking, using and washing dishes.

Cheers to my fireplace. I’m sipping some Dow’s Late Bottled Vintage Port and I’m about to move onto a hugely affordable little favorite of mine: Korta Barrel Selection Reserve, Petit Verdot. “Mature fruit and candy” just like me… ha ha