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May 18, 2010

Molly Dooker and my semi-daily

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My semi daily rant is pretty simple…

There is no effing way, that red-headed bitch at 7:45 a.m. careening down the Berlin Tpke yelling into her cellphone and waving a burning cigarette like a baton around at the same time is not out to kill me.

close up of the label off my bottle of Molly Dooker Merlot, called  Scooter

Molly…I’ll get to you in a minute you big shouldered brawny red, you…

And anyone looking down into their laps while driving is either jerking off or texting. Just steer clear of those idiots.

Survival of the fittest may win out in the driving distracted arena. Problem is everyone else has to really be vigilant in order to stay alive.

On that note, this Molly Dooker — any of the MDs — is special, irons out all the cares of the day. I first tasted one of these wines at a local restaurant and have since discovered one of my favorite little wine shops on my way home carries the Molly Dooker line. Immense spicy flavors with mocha and earth–I’m not the one to describe them, just drink them. I can recommend the Two Left Feet (Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot), the first I tasted

Consistently one of our top-rated Lefty wines, this blend has superb aromas of butterscotch, plum, white chocolate, cherries and raspberry. Its big, unctuous texture and incredibly dense, spicy fruit give you a wonderfully rounded mouth-feel and a silky smooth finish. As in years past, the mouth-filling texture gives this wine a very long finish. Delicious.

and this latest, the Scooter Merlot

plum, berries, chocolate and fruit cake and yummy flavours of ripe black fruit, cedar and spice, and soft, velvety tannins….The aromas instantly switch your brain into ‘relax’ mode while the flavours and soft tannins make this wine seem almost cuddly. It’s the perfect wine to enjoy when you’re unwinding from a hectic day.

They underscore my sentiment. I decided to take the high road.. dump any memory of those asses out along my commute and get intimate with a glass of Molly Dooker.

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May 14, 2010

Before the World Fills Up with Oil…

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It’s sad, the out of control deep water gusher, now called the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. Sad in so many ways. I’m not going to just rant on about the havoc it’s wreaking on the environment…God knows it’s awful. But it’s sad for other equally profound reasons:

1. Sad that major corporations we “trust” to fly right not only fail to do so, but when they do fall flat, they can’t even correct and instead run bumbling around like a bunch of circus buffoons;
2. Sad that the senators, legislators and other lawmakers currently trying to appease their outraged constituents by nailing all these big corporations to the wall didn’t ask the big questions when drilling in these environments was first given the good ol boy thumbs up…questions like “Mr. BP CEO, what exactly is your plan of action when things go really wrong? (because they will at some point…).”
3. Sad that the “government agency” (a.k.a. U.S. Interior Department) responsible for oversight of the oil industry is coming under scrutiny AND it’s the same old rubbish they’ve been assailed for before. I’ve just been looking back at some NYTimes articles from 2006 and 2007 that address some of the same issues I believe are being scooped once again–Seriously, now….Who the HELL is in charge?
4. Sad that we all continue to just feel so damned unable to do anything about it and have to watch on our high tech tvs and smartphones the absurd unfolding of events–It took high tech falderall to get the oil out of the ocean bed, but the options we see these supposed engineering brainiacs proposing are…to call them “low-tech” is being kind. Let’s shoot old tires and crap into the tube and try to plug it….
5. Sad that no matter what disasters and tragedies befall us, as a people we continue to be reactive as opposed to atteca spanish red wine made of garnacha grapesproactive.

So before the world fills up with oil, as my morning djs joke about, I’m enjoying a glass (or 2) of a nice Spanish wine, Atteca 2007 made of garnacha grapes.

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May 6, 2010

Apple Wine

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A good woman can cure all.

No… a bad woman can cure all.

I had to take the long way home from work tonight. Not my choice and only because of commuter traffic. I have a little bit of an anger issue and I’ll admit it…it’s not pretty. So when the cops had blocked off the entrance to Route 9 out of Berlin, that was the end of it….

Somehwere along the way I grew a hankering for some mead. The kid at the wine store didn’t know what that was when I stopped. Fed my frustration even more. For the dude at the wine store:

Mead: honey wine. It’s an ancient brew. It was the drink of the Vikings, those angry pillagers which might be why I suddenly wanted a big belt of some. Yo, you should know what it is for godsakes or go work at the gas station.

So what could possibly give me a tiny bit of relief from my mead craving (if not a good/bad woman)?

Some apple wine with honey brewed by the local apple orchard folk–also serendipitously along my wayward way home tonight. MMMMM. I’ve run bikers off the road, cussed out some good ol boy from Vermont who couldn’t tell green from red — and he was pissed at ME, the gall–visited my dad at the rehab place and now I’ve flopped on my bed with my mega Viking stein of apple/honey wine (not real mead) with my cat and a cool breeze coming through the screens.

Can’t bring myself to watch the news: that effing oil debacle and of course some of those robber barons only care how this will impact their chances for future drilling…Wow. Spend a few billion figuring out a REAL way to shut your fucking oil hole and maybe you can stick an augur back in Mother Earth, man!

a nice bottle of bishops orchards honey peach melba wine

Not as viscous or honey driven as mead, but a great alternative for frustrated Vikings.