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June 29, 2015

Greek Meltdown (with a full-bodied red blend!)

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Greece is in utter chaos…

Banks are shuttered….(think Great Depression images)

Crowds line up at ATMs trying to get some cash but the country has imposed a daily limit….

Social unrest….

Thousands upon thousands crowd outside the Greek Parliament…

Speculation in our own U.S. markets–will this Greek crisis spawn a “contagion” that will quickly spread to our shores? (kind of already has if you’ve watched the Dow and S&P nosedive today…just sayin’). Should Americans fear their 401ks? What about the bond market?

Lots of drama for sure. I’m taking it with a glass of Primal Roots — a red blend from California (2012). Big, round, and full-bodied. Jammy fruits with tobacco and caramel…smooths out all the kinks of the day.