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September 25, 2011

Do you know when you’re the elephant in the room?

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I live in a multi-generational home in a well-established middle income neighborhood. It’s quiet and everyone respects everyone else’s space. No McMansions here. People in this neighborhood work hard–trades, service industry, professional services. No Wall Street brokers on my street. Therefore the homes are modest–one-level ranches on half-acre lots. And only one home is anal retentively maintained. Everyone else is tired…:)

But when the woman next door died a couple years ago the new guy who bought her property promptly tore her home down. Which is understandable–it was pretty run down and not up to code on a couple of items. But the lot her home was on is a small peninsula of property, a corner lot. This guy got variances for everything apparently– height, foundation footprint. In the scope of the rest of the neighborhood, this thing is the elephant in the room. And it sits on this tiny corner lot right in the middle of everything. I’ve heard comments from the UPS guy, the mail lady, and other residents in the area and they all can be summarized this way: “Who would build that?” Good question.

What do we say about guys who drive Hummers? Does building a massive house when all around you are small count?

Can you not see how obnoxious this thing is?

And after the two stupid guys that started the pneumatic nail gun on the roof this morning at 7:20–it’s SUNDAY, a-hole!–now I’m really raw. The elephant in the room….

I found this new apellation:

Barenjager honey liqueur from Germany that is smooth, sweet, and strong. Best when chilled. Unfortunately, it’s a little too early to imbibe, but I will later.

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May 24, 2010

There but for the GRACE OF GOD goes every other oil mega-corporation…

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I know everyone’s like “BP sucks” “That bunch of BP losers” “What? No backup plan?” yackety, yack.

It’s only by LUCK, the shifting of the tides on that particular day at that particular minute, or the grace of God that the oil gushing forth without stop is a mess accorded BP and not any other of its competitors. They are all quite mum. And frankly if one of BP’s competitors did have a backup plan and a real working solution it would certainly be time to sally forth and play hero, wouldn’t it? Talk about some kickass advertising and good will. Exxon, Shell, Chevron….whoEVER is able to put a proper stopper in this hole will win big. So as much as I’m getting sicker to my gut everyday over the total incompetence of so many parties in charge of running things….God help us….I have no misconceptions at all about how this would go down with any other oil corporation bumbling around at the helm.

Chris Ringland 2008 Shiraz - dusty bing cherries, tobacco and spiceboxWhew! Time to get back to my glass of yet another Aussie Shiraz. (Have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the last wine I tried, but I tried to follow up the Molly Dooker Scooter merlot with a lesser wine and it did not measure up.) Last night I opened this…a Chris Ringland 2008 Shiraz. I picked it up for 19.99 at my little wine shop and it’s another that they highly recommend along with the Molly Dooker bunch. I have to say this is a much better swig than the Clancy’s. Thing is…once you taste a thoroughly super wine that throws you on your ass and has its way with you, it’s hard to find a bottle at $15 or under that even comes close. I need a big juicy bite of the Ringland…I taste tobacco, dusty ripe bing cherries, and spicebox.

Have to say I’m disappointed that I can’t find a website for Ringland. And if there is one, it’s poorly handled and marketed b/c it’s not on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd pages of my Google search. I could go on and on about this, but that really is too much like work and I’m OFF.

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May 14, 2010

Before the World Fills Up with Oil…

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It’s sad, the out of control deep water gusher, now called the Deepwater Horizon Disaster. Sad in so many ways. I’m not going to just rant on about the havoc it’s wreaking on the environment…God knows it’s awful. But it’s sad for other equally profound reasons:

1. Sad that major corporations we “trust” to fly right not only fail to do so, but when they do fall flat, they can’t even correct and instead run bumbling around like a bunch of circus buffoons;
2. Sad that the senators, legislators and other lawmakers currently trying to appease their outraged constituents by nailing all these big corporations to the wall didn’t ask the big questions when drilling in these environments was first given the good ol boy thumbs up…questions like “Mr. BP CEO, what exactly is your plan of action when things go really wrong? (because they will at some point…).”
3. Sad that the “government agency” (a.k.a. U.S. Interior Department) responsible for oversight of the oil industry is coming under scrutiny AND it’s the same old rubbish they’ve been assailed for before. I’ve just been looking back at some NYTimes articles from 2006 and 2007 that address some of the same issues I believe are being scooped once again–Seriously, now….Who the HELL is in charge?
4. Sad that we all continue to just feel so damned unable to do anything about it and have to watch on our high tech tvs and smartphones the absurd unfolding of events–It took high tech falderall to get the oil out of the ocean bed, but the options we see these supposed engineering brainiacs proposing are…to call them “low-tech” is being kind. Let’s shoot old tires and crap into the tube and try to plug it….
5. Sad that no matter what disasters and tragedies befall us, as a people we continue to be reactive as opposed to atteca spanish red wine made of garnacha grapesproactive.

So before the world fills up with oil, as my morning djs joke about, I’m enjoying a glass (or 2) of a nice Spanish wine, Atteca 2007 made of garnacha grapes.


May 10, 2010

Make Your Own Music

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One of my fondest memories of my childhood was listening to my father as he made his way around his daily tasks about the house …. whistling. He was a very good whistler. Who whistles anymore? I don’t. And if I sat at my desk and whistled while I worked, as the 7 dwarves recommend, I’d be quickly packed up and asked to get the flock out. Just pucker up and BLOW. Do we teach kids to make this simplest of sounds anymore? But I guess we don’t have to. We no longer have the need to make our own music. Just stuff a couple earbuds in those ears and we’re good to go. We listen to digital sounds, many of them totally electronically created— not a real guitar or trumpet or violin or drum among them. Never thought I’d crave the scratches and crackle an old turntable could spin out into the air.

Yesterday I ran into an old friend. She reported that her husband had taken up the lost art of yodeling. Yodel-ay-hee-hoo…Now the last time I heard anything close to yodeling it was the last time I suffered through the Sound of Music. And Jewel–she yodels, but apparently keeps it to herself because no one knows what that sound coming out of her throat is anymore and they ‘d much prefer to pay her to just continue crowing out those saccharine little love tunes for her rodeo husband. And on, and on, and on.

While I’m on the topic of bodily music, what ever happened to Bobby McFerrin who literally turned his body into an instrument thumping and bleating a capella? Talk about body sounds.

My father is not nearly as free with his whistling talents as he once was. He could trill with the best of them. Long live our own music-making ingenuity (Daily wine: Elderun, Elderberry Honey wine, kosher and sulfite free. I’m still on the honey-wine kick):

KickASS whistling:

Crazy yodeling: