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May 24, 2010

There but for the GRACE OF GOD goes every other oil mega-corporation…

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I know everyone’s like “BP sucks” “That bunch of BP losers” “What? No backup plan?” yackety, yack.

It’s only by LUCK, the shifting of the tides on that particular day at that particular minute, or the grace of God that the oil gushing forth without stop is a mess accorded BP and not any other of its competitors. They are all quite mum. And frankly if one of BP’s competitors did have a backup plan and a real working solution it would certainly be time to sally forth and play hero, wouldn’t it? Talk about some kickass advertising and good will. Exxon, Shell, Chevron….whoEVER is able to put a proper stopper in this hole will win big. So as much as I’m getting sicker to my gut everyday over the total incompetence of so many parties in charge of running things….God help us….I have no misconceptions at all about how this would go down with any other oil corporation bumbling around at the helm.

Chris Ringland 2008 Shiraz - dusty bing cherries, tobacco and spiceboxWhew! Time to get back to my glass of yet another Aussie Shiraz. (Have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the last wine I tried, but I tried to follow up the Molly Dooker Scooter merlot with a lesser wine and it did not measure up.) Last night I opened this…a Chris Ringland 2008 Shiraz. I picked it up for 19.99 at my little wine shop and it’s another that they highly recommend along with the Molly Dooker bunch. I have to say this is a much better swig than the Clancy’s. Thing is…once you taste a thoroughly super wine that throws you on your ass and has its way with you, it’s hard to find a bottle at $15 or under that even comes close. I need a big juicy bite of the Ringland…I taste tobacco, dusty ripe bing cherries, and spicebox.

Have to say I’m disappointed that I can’t find a website for Ringland. And if there is one, it’s poorly handled and marketed b/c it’s not on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd pages of my Google search. I could go on and on about this, but that really is too much like work and I’m OFF.


May 19, 2010

A Moment’s F@$#king Peace…Possible?

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Is it possible?

To grab even a sliver of peace for sanity’s sake? I’ve become a disbeliever in such a thing. I’ve taken to sitting in my truck…anywhere really…radio most definitely OFF, windows shut so I don’t have to hear anyone else’s horseshit nearby, just the atmosphere rushing in and out of my ears canals like a great tide.

How about that great oily tide? An on-site reporter for NPR reported the ocean looking like molasses. How can you help but shake your head all the while the media reports are running. A disgrace. That’s a good word, actually. I can hear my mother in my head right now,
“It’s a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Shame and disgrace. Do we experience those any more? We seem too arrogant to admit shame or disgrace…except for Jesse Bullock. I wonder if he’s walking jacked up what with that Oscar crammed up his ass.

Back to a moment’s peace, already and banish that ugly mother thought from my head.

Right now I have music from my mac going in the background, beyond my closed door I can hear the evening news on the TV. At work I hear people all day long, one opinion after another occasionally split with infectious laughter, gossip, stupid shit, you name it, but rarely just still and quiet.

We have cellphones plastered to our heads, at the gas station overhead musAK blares at us split inappropriately with totally obnoxious advertising. When I actually do carve out a few moments of silence for a personal thought it really is deafening and a bit offputting. Not sure how we would survive if the lights all flickered out tomorrow.

On that note, let me pour my daily glass–

Nothing can top a Molly Dooker, but I can’t spend $25 a pop for a casual bottle of wine, ya know? So tonight I stuck to the Aussie shelves and this time snagged a 2007 Clancy’s –Shiraz, Cab and Merlot blend from Peter Lehmann, Australia. My dumb palette beyond “it’s hitting the spot” is of tobacco and spice-box, with dusty late summer berries, she’s no weakling, either…a good meaty mouthful. I’m in h-e-a-v-e-n.

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May 6, 2010

Apple Wine

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A good woman can cure all.

No… a bad woman can cure all.

I had to take the long way home from work tonight. Not my choice and only because of commuter traffic. I have a little bit of an anger issue and I’ll admit it…it’s not pretty. So when the cops had blocked off the entrance to Route 9 out of Berlin, that was the end of it….

Somehwere along the way I grew a hankering for some mead. The kid at the wine store didn’t know what that was when I stopped. Fed my frustration even more. For the dude at the wine store:

Mead: honey wine. It’s an ancient brew. It was the drink of the Vikings, those angry pillagers which might be why I suddenly wanted a big belt of some. Yo, you should know what it is for godsakes or go work at the gas station.

So what could possibly give me a tiny bit of relief from my mead craving (if not a good/bad woman)?

Some apple wine with honey brewed by the local apple orchard folk–also serendipitously along my wayward way home tonight. MMMMM. I’ve run bikers off the road, cussed out some good ol boy from Vermont who couldn’t tell green from red — and he was pissed at ME, the gall–visited my dad at the rehab place and now I’ve flopped on my bed with my mega Viking stein of apple/honey wine (not real mead) with my cat and a cool breeze coming through the screens.

Can’t bring myself to watch the news: that effing oil debacle and of course some of those robber barons only care how this will impact their chances for future drilling…Wow. Spend a few billion figuring out a REAL way to shut your fucking oil hole and maybe you can stick an augur back in Mother Earth, man!

a nice bottle of bishops orchards honey peach melba wine

Not as viscous or honey driven as mead, but a great alternative for frustrated Vikings.